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Craft beautiful engagement websites

Build great looking project websites that capture the attention of your citizens, enhance public engagement and encourage participation.

Tailor web content to your specific needs using the intuitive, drag and drop web builder. With over 25 content tools and a range of page templates to choose from, you'll feel like a professional web designer.

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Sample of HiVE sites
Laptop showing a HiVE website

An all-in-one solution for your engagement activities

Build a single portal for your online engagement activities and manage multiple projects, participation apps, users and data from one convenient location.

Group projects into teams and control a range of user permissions including authoring, publishing, data access and more.

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Participation apps

Collect local insight and empower your community

Involve citizens in shaping your projects in positive ways that build trust within your community and contribute to better outcomes.

With a suite of powerful participation tools, you can craft a range of meaningful ways to identify issues, gather local knowledge, and explore ideas and solutions.

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The participation toolbox:

Engage Calgary homepage
Community building

Build an army of empowered digital citizens

Engage with harder to reach segments of your community to recruit a team of constructive, passionate citizens to reach a broader audience and recruit an online community of constructive, passionate citizens.

The community building features of The HiVE helps you get return visits, collect more representative samples, notify your users of new opportunities and learn more about the needs of your audience.

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Trusted by governments and organisations worldwide

From small organisations to whole-of-government entities, The HiVE provides solutions at any scale.

ACT Government City of Melbourne

Reporting & Insights

Community intelligence for better decisions

Better understand what people are talking about and who they are through a suite of integrated reporting features.

Track your engagement performance to learn how people have engaged with your campaigns.

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In depth engagement reporting and insights

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Our service is designed to be secure, reliable, compliant and supportive.

Our service is designed to be secure, reliable,

compliant and supportive

Our service is designed to be secure, reliable,

compliant and supportive

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