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Grow your online community

Convert your visitors into members of your online community to gain a better understanding of who your audience is. Use your member base to extend the reach of future activities and reach already engaged citizens.

The HiVE signup form

Citizen membership

Build a member base through a flexible and customisable user registration system that works at a sitewide or tool level.

Social sign-in

Quickly convert members by making it easy for your visitors to join your community through Facebook.

Sign-up prompts

Prompt visitors to register as members after they have left feedback on the site.
Follow a project

Keep your users coming back

Keep your users engaged over the duration of your projects. With a range of automated features to update your members when there is new activity on your site, you can sustain engagement over long periods of time.

Project following

Make it easy for your members to receive project updates. The project follow feature allows ‘followers’ to receive automated emails when news items are published.

Automated updates

Keep your members coming back through automated notifications when new projects are published that match their preferences for topics and locations.

Project discovery

Help visitors explore your projects to find ones that are important to them. Users can quickly search by keyword or filter by the topics and locations of their choice.

Get your users sharing your content

Let your users promote your projects by sharing on their social networks. Sharing features help your content get shared by your users and make sure their posts look attractive.

Share projects via The HiVE

Social network sharing

Make it easy for visitors to share directly to the social network of their choice through an embedded social share tool.

Page optimisation

Ensure your pages look great when shared on social media sites.

Social profiles

Link your organisation's social media profiles directly to the site.
The HiVE members area

Understand your audience

With an integrated user management system, The HiVE helps you collect information about your users so you can learn about who they are and better respond to their needs.

Make it easy for your members to receive project updates. The project follow feature allows ‘followers’ to recieve automated emails when news items are published.

Collect rich information from your users when engaging with your audience . Customise member attributes at the registration form or even at the activity level tool level to develop a detailed user profile over time. Attached to member results

Ready to start engaging?

Discover how The HiVE can take your entire participation process to the next level.

The HiVE is a complete community engagement solution that supports you in the online participation process, broadens your reach and informs better decision making.