Looking to learn more about the software or better encourage public participation in your projects? We have a variety of training options available. Contact us today for pricing.


Standard training

Our standard user training teaches non-site admin staff how to use the software.

We use an interactive approach that allows people to use a real world example to build a best practice digital engagement.

The standard training session covers how to:

  • set up and launch a new project
  • upload content to the platform
  • save and publish content edits
  • add and configure participation tools
  • moderate user contributions
  • view results and reports.

Standard training sessions last approximately one hour and are available online and in person.

Advanced masterclass

For those interested in going deeper into The HiVE or digital engagement, our advanced masterclass provides you the opportunity take your projects to the next level.

The masterclass is facilitated by one of our experts, who will share their knowledge and experience to help you build your digital capabilities. Masterclasses are tailored to your needs and cover:

  • advanced software functionality
  • building best practices
  • engagement planning and strategy
  • technology and future trends.

Masterclasses last approximately two hours and are generally conducted in person..

Boot camp

Boot camps are intensive courses designed to quickly upskill your super users and site administrators. A boot camp is designed to cover the software fundamentals these users will need to run your new site, including (but not limited to):

  • HiVE settings overview
  • project settings overview
  • content and support tools overview
  • in depth look at participation tools
  • reporting and analytics
  • member attributes
  • notifications
  • feedback moderation
  • publishing and workflow
  • understanding user roles.

Boot camps are around three hours long and are limited to no more than five people to ensure we can provide tailored learning and cover the content efficiently.

Peer Review

Sometimes having an independent critical eye to review your work is the best way to learn. Our peer review services provide you with a sounding board for an upcoming project or engagement. We’ll review what you have put together and give our view on how you can strengthen your engagement process, improve your content, get better feedback and ensure you are collecting useful data.

Peer review sessions must be booked in advance, and we'll provide you with a short summary note of feedback on how to improve your project along with a 30 minute phone call.