The HiVE rebrands to Social Pinpoint

We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges. People will always be affected by change, which is why the power of community engagement goes beyond a one-way conversation. Global communities should have the opportunity to not only play their part in the conversation, but also feel justified, involved, and heard.

More than anything, we want our clients to continue to connect, develop, and build positive relationships with their communities and stakeholders.

Since Social Pinpoint merged with The HiVE in early 2022, we have united our deep industry experience and product knowledge to fast-track our growth to become one of the largest, dedicated community and stakeholder engagement companies in the market. So, having a solution that is focused on long-term relationship-building and investing in true community transparency and active public participation is essential.

This is why we are excited to keep evolving, so we can help organisations use technology for the betterment of our cities and communities.

To better reflect our growth, communicate our differentiation, and help inspire our clients in an ever-changing world, it was time for The HiVE to transform.

New Social Pinpoint website

The decision to rebrand The HiVE as Social Pinpoint.

After working closely with our clients and industry partners, and after a rigorous decision-making process, we have made the decision to focus the majority of our design and development efforts on The HiVE platform moving forward.

To further elevate and innovate this refined focus on creating the best-in-class software solution dedicated to community engagement, we have decided to rebrand The HiVE as Social Pinpoint… with an exciting update to the Social Pinpoint brand to match!

We promise this won’t change your experience with how you currently interact with The HiVE. Every single one of our clients can still expect the same high standard of support and quality of service. The only shifts you will notice in your HiVE platform are related to our brands coming together to unite our expertise.

Your questions answered.

We’ve taken the time to answer a few key questions.

What is happening to The HiVE?

You’ll still use and access the exact same HiVE platform that you have grown to love. The only shifts you will notice are related to our brands coming together. These will be small updates in our logos, platform colours, language, etc. but will not impact any usability.

Will my CSM or support services change?

Not at all. You’ll still have access to the Learning Centre, Helpdesk, and your dedicated Customer Success team with zero interruptions. Visual and language updates to these resources will also be updated over time. If you have any additional queries please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

We’re still the same HiVE team you’re used to, but with an updated brand, sharp logo, and new website.