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Find the right tools for the job

Build trust with your community by creating easy and meaningful ways for them to contribute.

With a wide range of participation tools available, you select the best tools for the job at hand.

Easily add tools to a project page

The participation toolbox:

Target your feedback

Collect targeted feedback

With the ability to configure each participation app individually, you control the parameters for collecting the appropriate data and information.

Set activity status

Enforce member registration

Enable notifications

Engage with confidence

With content moderation services included in all packages, you can rest assured that user-added content will be diligently screened and removed if necessary. Our moderators watch over your site or project, even when you’re not around.

Moderate feedback

24/7 moderation service

Our human moderators review content added by your users around the clock and refer suspicious content to you for further review.

Moderation management

A built-in interface helps you see which comments have been approved or rejected, and which are awaiting your review.

Banned words

Automatically screen problem words with a configurable banned words list that stops users from using them.

User banning

Keep your channels clean by blocking trolls and other problem users.
Configure moderation settings

Configurable moderation workflows

Decide how you want your content to be screened, with post-moderation to facilitate real-time discussion, and pre-moderation for more sensitive engagements.

Set workflows at a global level or adjust for individual apps.

Turn moderation services off or on for each activity.

Allow comments to be published to your site, and only removed if there is a problem. This option helps keep conversations flowing and published comments receive moderation review within a short timeframe.

Pre-screen user comments and decide whether you want to allow them to be published. This option will mitigate risk during highly controversial engagements.

Ready to start engaging?

Discover how The HiVE can take your entire participation process to the next level.

The HiVE is a complete community engagement solution that supports you in the online participation process, broadens your reach and informs better decision making.