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Build a wall of ideas

Collect ideas and display them as a wall of virtual ‘post-it’ notes to showcase contributions and stimulate others to participate.

Visioner results
Vote up or down

Make the activity social

Get users to interact with each other by enabling user voting for a more social experience. Use up-voting and down-voting to uncover popular or not so popular ideas within your community.

Find trends and patterns

Sort through ideas using dynamic filters that help you make sense of your contributions.

Visioner input and results

Sort ideas by:


Define a list of categories that can be used by your partciipants.


Find out which ideas are getting the most attention from your users.


See which ideas are gaining the most votes in the last 24 hour period.


See which ideas are controversial based on the number of upvotes and downvotes.

Ready to start engaging?

Discover how The HiVE can take your entire participation process to the next level.

The HiVE is a complete community engagement solution that supports you in the online participation process, broadens your reach and informs better decision making.