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Discover our multilingual add-on

We make sure that your community engagement efforts don’t get lost in translation. Our multilingual add-on empowers you to create your engagement website in any language and generate accurate, culturally-relevant translations.

Discover our multilingual add on powered by Localize

Leverage automated translation

Translate your community engagement website into your chosen language quickly.

Inspire authentic communication

Edit common phrases once and apply your culturally-relevant translation site-wide.

Powered by machine learning

The platform remembers and applies your corrections to future translations.

Ensure you have the right translated message every time with consistent phrase editing

The right message, every time

Auto-translate tools are quick and efficient, but they don’t incorporate the cultural context that only human translators can add.

Edit languages side-by-side

It’s easy to apply changes from the Localize platform or in-context.

Target crucial information

Use page filtering to focus your translations on crucial pages and information.

Add a human touch

Review and edit your translations with your own network or an expert from Localize.

A platform built for inclusivity

We have taken true platform internationalisation to the next level. Anyone in your team can create projects in their preferred language by simply changing their Default Language in The HiVE’s Settings.

The HiVE has taken true platform internationalisation to the next level

Globalised shared creation

Give everyone in your team the power to create. This means you can build in one language and then translate to another if needed.

Reduce the risk of exclusion

Ensure that you’re meeting your regulatory requirements and fostering diversity.

Empower critical thinking

Translation is a bridge to different cultures, perspectives, and world views.

Join the emerging digital engagement leaders
who have already implemented our multilingual add-on.

Our automated migration process makes switching effortless.

Frequently asked questions

The multilingual add-on for The HiVE integrates Localize, a leading Translation Management System (TMS). This service lets you deliver your content in multiple languages so you can engage with your community regardless of the language they speak.

Localize leverages the speed and scalability of cutting-edge machine translation services such as Google Translate while also giving you full control over the translation process. It ensures you can deliver professional and accurate translations in an efficient way.

With the multilingual add-on, you nominate a set number of languages for use on your site (up to 10). These are usually the languages that are most commonly used in your community, or used by a community segment you're targeting.

Yes! After you've purchased the add-on we'll get it set up on your HiVE instance and create a new account for you on Localize.

During the setup process, we'll ask you to decide which languages you want to install. The languages you pick must be available from the Google Machine Translation Engine.

After you have chosen your languages, you simply have to decide whether you want to use the translation functionality across your whole site or have the ability to pick and choose for specific projects only.

And that's it! Once successfully enabled, the content of your HiVE site will be pulled into the Localize TMS and automatically translated into your nominated languages. You will see a language picker active on your site that allows users to switch the language of the page.

You can manage your translations from the Localize dashboard. Content from your HiVE site is converted into phrases in Localize. These phrases allow you to review, edit and update to machine translations if you desire, giving you full control over the translations that appear across your site.

If you make a change to a phrase, your changes will automatically be reflected in all instances of that phrase.

You cannot edit translations of The HiVE interface itself (e.g. the hard-coded copy of a button element). If you need to update any of these translations, please contact support.

Content contributed by your community (e.g. surveys, ideas, social map posts, etc.) that is in a language different from the system default is not translated and will not be visible in Localize.

Public content submitted by your participants can only be moderated in English. Content in any other language will be referred back to your for review and approval by our moderators.

This ensures that there are no automated translations that could impact context or data from submissions.

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