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Dynamically create forms

Dynamic form building

Our dynamic web builder helps you create flexible forms and surveys using over 15 question types.

With the ability to create form sections and add detailed descriptions and images to each question, you can create engaging surveys to collect information.

Currently available question types

Short Text

Short answer text such as a word or small sentence (e.g. name, title, city, etc.).

Long Text

Open-ended questions that require long-text answers.


Validated numerical responses such as postal codes or dollar values.

Radio buttons

Single responses to a set or pre-defined options.

Select box

Multiple responses to a predefined set of options, tucked neatly into a dropdown.

Single Checkbox

A yes / no tickbox.

Multiple Checkbox

Multiple responses to a predefined set of options.


Have users provide a stepped rating to a question with start, thumbs up, smileys, hearts and more.


Have users prioritise a list of pre-defined options in order of priority.

File upload

Collect files such as images and documents from users.

Email address

Validate an email input.


Validate a numeric phone number.

Website address

Validate a web url.


Validate a date input.

Date / Time

Validate a date with time input.

Get user feedback

Provide interactivity on your site and get users to rate ideas, proposals or other items using a stepped rating scale. Choose from stars, thumbs and smileys to add a fun and useful interaction to your websites.

Form example
Ranking tool

Discover what’s important

Uncover what’s important to your audience by having them rank a list of items using the ranking question type. Users indicate priorities and preferences by dragging and dropping a list of items into an ordered, ranked list.

Other features:

Customisable Member attributes

Add standardised demographic questions to the form that will automatically be pulled into the user profile of registered users.

User confirmation emails

Send users a copy of their form submission for their records.

Client notification emails

Get notified when you have received a new form submission by getting notified directly in your inbox.

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