The City of Canada Bay are tackling self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic in their community head-on. By using the powerful capabilities of The HiVE they are offering ongoing programs, services and support above and beyond their usual council services.

Opportunities for young and old

Screen shot of community projects

Projects in the City's Community space.

Using The HiVE, Canada Bay has created two unique spaces, a community space and a business hub, to highlight the programs, services and support on offer as they stand side by side with their residents, local business owners, community groups and all members of the community to support navigation of these tough times.

One of our highlights from the community space is the opportunity to join the Council's Bushcare Team as they introduce the community to a new insect, explaining their importance, through fun short videos every week.

This program is designed with kids (and big kids) in mind as they stay home for longer periods through self-isolation and the need for home-schooling. Whilst you might be at home, you can still access the garden and see what’s living there.

To add a little creativity, they have also teamed up with artist Jason Phu for some home art inspiration. Here you can create your very own bug artwork out of simple materials you can find at home.

Tools supporting local love

Using the powerful Social Map tool to ‘Love Local’, City of Canada Bay are also encouraging support for local business by asking owners, who are still open and looking for support, to pin their business details on the interactive map. Combined with the ‘Local Legend’ project, community members are given an opportunity to share stories of good deeds using the user-generated content tool Gather, where not only can they write a story but also share a picture of their legend.

It’s great to see community members sharing stories about others in the community that have gone above and beyond to help in order for their selfless acts to be celebrated. By also collating a local business directory the Council are really supporting the Community to Love Local.

In the Business Hub pages the City of Canada Bay has distilled a lot of information into easily accessible categories to help local businesses understand where they stand during these difficult times. This includes using content tools such as Tabs and Accordion to display lots of information about government programmes, SME business support and what Council is doing locally.

The Business Hub page is also being set-up as a place for local businesses to share ideas and gain support during COVID-19 by signing up online. This will enable council to build an online community so they receive ongoing updates during the pandemic and beyond.

This is an amazing effort by the City of Canada Bay to ensure all those affected in their community by Covid-19 stay connected, engaged and have access to truthful and important local information during difficult and testing times.

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