Small town with connecting lines

Discounted subscription plans for small cities and not for profits.

We’re excited to announce that we are extending our software offering with new discounts on subscription plans for small cities and not for profits. We're defining small cities as municipal governments with less than 40,000 residents*.

With more cities and not for profits exploring digital public participation and engagement methods than ever before, we want to put The HiVE’s industry-leading tools and features within reach of everyone, regardless of their budget or financial capacity.

The discounts will benefit smaller organisations looking for better ways to conveniently engage their communities, or those currently engaging online but seeking to extend their capabilities.

Both the Starter and Professional plans will be substantially discounted for eligible organisations and will include all of The HiVE’s powerful participation tools along with the standard set of content tools.

If you are a user of a different engagement platform, free migration services of your existing content, data and users may also be available (Professional plan only).

Contact us today to learn more about the available discounts and to arrange a demo of The HiVE to see how you could take your community engagement and communication activities to the next level.

*Eligibility for the discounts are at the full discretion of Harvest

Visit the demo site for a demonstration of The HiVE in action.