Reporting mockup

Fresh New Look

The Reports area of the Dashboard has been given a fresh coat of paint to make it more visually attractive.

The design of all reporting components have been cleaned up, and the visualisation interface and helper tooltip have been better integrated.

The overview graph and 'key metric cards' have been redesigned to create a more integrated and readable format.

New Reporting Metrics

A range of new reporting metrics have been added to the Overview Section to give you even more insight into how your engagements are performing. These metrics include:

  • 'Activity by Contribution' shows the number of Contributors, Contributions, and percentage of Contributions by Participation Activity.
  • 'Top Activities' shows the five participation activities with the most Contributions along with the number of Contributors.
  • 'Top Visited Projects' shows the five projects with the most visits along with the number of Visitors and Visitation Rate. This metric is displayed in the 'Sitewide', 'Team', 'Project Group', and 'My Projects' Report Types.
  • 'Top Visited Pages' shows the five pages with the most Visits along with the number of Visitors and Visitation Rate. This metric is displayed in the Project Report Type.
  • 'Engagement Time' shows the aggregate amount of Active Time users have spent on a project including the date with the highest visitation and the day with the highest avg. visitation.
  • 'Follower Activity' shows actions related to your followers including the number of Followers, New Followers, Follows and New Follows. This metric is displayed in the 'Team', 'Project Group', and 'My Projects' Report Types.
  • 'Visitor Profile' shows the split between First Time Visitors and Returning Visitors.
  • 'Referral Types' shows how Visitors arrived at your site (e.g. direct, search engine, websites, social media, other).

Beautiful PDF Reports

In our opinion, nothing beats live data dashboards, but sometimes it's necessary to print and share reports the old fashioned way.

We've overhauled our PDF export to mirror the new design style and present information in a clear attractive way that is ready to be handed straight to management.

Descriptions have been included in the report to provide context for those without background, and the text has been 'crisped up' for easy reading.

Sitewide Reports

A 'Sitewide' Report Type has been added as an option to the Reports section. This will allow Site Administrators to view all site-level reporting metrics and will include all projects and pages of a Site (including any Site-wide Sub-pages).

The new report will consolidate reporting activities in The HiVE and add to the growing list of Report Types that allow you to get a variety of data-views across our site.

It is intended that the Sitewide Report will eventually replace the current 'Analytics' section of the Dashboard, which will be depracated in the future.

For a list of full changes as part of Version 2.8, please view the associated Release Notes.