Our new Zoom tool lets you embed a Zoom video call directly on a page in The HiVE, without users having to download the application.

As a third party tool, Harvest does not have any influence over the maintenance of this tool, its functionality, or any other implications you may experience when using the tool. We therefore are requiring you to read and acknowledge the following terms and conditions prior to gaining access to the tool. Once you have completed the waiver form, we will provide you access to the tool and notify you by email.

Terms and Conditions

By using the Zoom tool integration in The HiVE you warrant that you have conducted all necessary due diligence regarding your use of the tool and acknowledge and accept that:

  • We may not be able to honour all contractual obligations or other agreed terms and conditions in conjunction with your use of the tool.
  • We may not be able to address or fix any technical issues associated with your use of the tool
  • The tool may not meet accessibility standards and may not be function correctly with our compatible browsers list.
  • Your use will be subject to Zoom's Privacy Policy, and we are unable to meet any Privacy obligations with regards to any data collected, or transmitted through the tool.
  • You may require a paid subscription to use the services.
  • We may modify or remove the tool at any time
  • You use the tool at your own risk